Securing a sustainable future for communities

What is the Digital Blacksmith?

The Digital Blacksmith is a focus for community digital transformation. It works to build digital capability in cooperation with local partners.

Rural communities have much to gain from adopting digital.

Effective use of data and communications will enable rural communities to enjoy benefits that were previously restricted to large cities.

From Scotland in miniature

Having started on the Isle of Arran, in Scotland, the Digital Blacksmith model can bring benefits to communities anywhere

Why a digital blacksmith?

Arran needs to build digital capability, to:


Secure the future of public services and existing industries

Foster the creation of new industry around DATA, software, hardware and content development

Include all residents and businesses in the benefits of digital technology

Protecting Arran's beautiful natural heritage through the application of new technology and supporting skills.

How will we help secure a sustainable future for Arran?


Assist local bodies to make the most of digital


Raise awareness of digital resources

Making things happen

Directly meet local needs by applying digital technology

making things happen

Getting smarter with data

Vital skills

Foster connectivity literacy

Community building

Everyone included

Community building

Enabling more local governance

making things happen

Innovating more rapidly

Latest Projects


Digital strategy

Helping companies understand how digital technology can help transform their operations, marketing and delivery.


Digital tools can help transform the productivity of organisations across all sectors of the economy, including public services.

Cyber security

Helping organisations identify a range of potential threats and weaknesses that could be addressed to make operations more resilient.

Innovation support

Helping established organisations and entrepreneurs develop a new generation of products and services. Drawing on Internet of Things technology and data analysis, for example.


We can help organisations (and individuals) make the most of their broadband connectivity to improve access to services and enhance the economic and social value they can deliver.


We can assist educators in preparing content and demonstrators that help advance understanding and awareness of digital technology’s potential to transform lives, businesses, and communities.

What is a digital blacksmith?

A Digital Blacksmith is a focus for skills development

The idea is to make a centre for skills advancement and application support which which can catalyse the digital development of Arran in such a way as to ensure that the power of digital technology can be fully exploited in tackling the range of challenges that Arran faces in the coming years.


Enabling fledgling digital businesses to build new career and business opportunities on Arran.

Building the digital foundations!

We see the establishment of a local digital hub a practical first step on the journey towards full digital capability – which is a moving goal in itself.

Let’s Be the Change