About Us

The Digital Blacksmith is reimagining community for the digital age – harnessing the potential of technology to assist local economy and society, for the benefit of all.

Our mission – to create opportunities, locally

Digital technology will open a new future for local communities, enabling higher paid jobs to be created, without dependence on the season or weather – using broadband to connect to education and work opportunities regardless of where they are.

Individuals will be able to push to their personal limits rather than being constrained by what’s available in their particular geographic area. This means a lot in remote rural areas, where opportunity traditionally implied moving away to the city and having to leave behind a place which would otherwise be a wonderful home.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to pilot the model in the amazing community on the beautiful Isle of Arran, in Scotland.

Our team

The two individuals behind the Digital Blacksmith bring solid industry experience of developing and applying digital technology to innovation in products and services.

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of a number of Arran residents (and former residents) who have contributed to the development of the Digital Blacksmith model over the last few years.

Andrew Stirling:
Andrew is a specialist in Communications, who has taken a close interest in rural connectivity in the last few years. This led to assisting Arran Broadband as a way of helping to close connectivity gaps around the island. Recognising that skills would be an essential complement to improving connectivity, he set about creating a digital blacksmith template which could be reused across rural communities looking to build local digital capability.

Ronald Mosselman:
“Ronald is a developer of websites and apps and involved in several innovative projects which have to do with connectivity, accessibility and inclusion.

As a member of a cooparative Ronald has years of experience working with and for social enterprises, government organisations. Ronald has been always interested in connecting people and organisations in a way that creates positive impact for everyone.”

Let’s Be the Change