Digital business reviews

We are delighted to work with local businesses to review their use of digital technology and help them reimagine their organisation to keep attractive and competitive in rapidly changing markets.

Here’s what one leading customer told us:

Arran Dairies is the only island based manufacturer and wholesaler  for the hospitality and retail  sector on the Isle of Arran, we also make the famous Arran Ice Cream and distribute it regionally, nationally and internationally. I found the Arran Digital Blacksmith service very helpful to understanding my business’ digital readiness and the options for further digital adoption to help my business meet our growth and sustainability objectives for the short and medium term.

Having digital support available locally and affordable is key to helping rural businesses adopt digital technology more rapidly and in such a way as to gain the full advantages.

I would be happy to recommend other businesses to consult with the Arran Digital Blacksmith in assessing their digital readiness and shaping their digital technology strategy.

Alastair Dobson 

Managing Director, Taste of Arran and Arran Dairies